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A visit to the German Tank Museum in Munster, Lower Saxony – about an hour outside of Hamburg. The quote on the wall says “He who wants peace, talk of war”.

Replica of a German A7V tank from World War I. The only genuine surviving article is in Australia.

Inside the German A7V tank.

This fella looks awfully chipper, considering how the war is going for his side

Germany’s Panzer I light tank, developed in the early 1930s. It saw combat in the Spanish Civil War, with the Chinese Nationalist army fighting Japan’s invasion, and Germany’s early Blitzkrieg campaigns of World War II.

German Panzer III medium tank, developed in the late 1930s, which served as a backbone of the Blitzkrieg. It also served extensively in the Russian and North African campaigns.

VW Kubelwagen (“tub car”), designed by Ferdinand Porsche: Germany’s version of the Jeep in World War II.

VW Schwimmwagen, the German amphibious vehicle from World War II that has hands-down the best name ever.

German 88mm Flak gun (aka “Eighty-eight”) originally for anti-aircraft, but found to be devastatingly effective against enemy tanks. One of the most feared weapons of World War II.

German Tiger heavy tank, designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1942. A mainstay of Nazi forces in Europe and Africa, it was fearsome but costly to produce. Its weight burned lots of fuel and sank it into the mud. Only 7 or so still exist.

Russian T-34 medium tank, the deadly nemesis of Nazi forces on the Eastern Front. They overwhelmed the Germans in quantity – over 80,000 were eventually produced – but were also one of the most effective and influential tank designs ever.

Check and check mate. Russian T-34 has a German Panther tank in its sights …

But becomes prey in turn for a German Tiger tank …

German “Panther” medium tank, designed and built mid-war to counter the Russian T-34. Considered one of the best tanks of World War II in terms of protection and firepower.

The terrifying Tiger II or King Tiger tank. Introduced in 1944 and intended by Hitler to be the ultimate tank, it was encountered by Allied troops during fierce German counterattacks against the landings at Normandy.

M4 Sherman medium tank, the main US battle tank in World War 2. This later version is equipped with a more powerful high-velocity 76mm main gun.

A variant of the German Tiger I tank that fired a ridiculously large shell to provide artillery support. Used in the Battle of the Bulge and to put down the Warsaw Uprising.

German Leopard 1 main battle tank, introduced in 1965, and phased out about a decade ago.

Soviet-made East German tanks and armored vehicles at the German Tank Museum in Munster, Lower Saxony

German Leopard 2 main battle tank, introduced in 1979 and still in service with Germany and at least a dozen other countries.

Israeli Merkava Mark I main battle tank, introduced in 1979.

New recruits at the German Tank Museum in Munster, Lower Saxony.

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