There are a ton of useful videos on landing on Youtube, but here are some of the ones I found more helpful during my own training.

I always found Jason Schappert’s videos helpful when working on my landings, and this one is a good place to start. His four tips: 1) “A perfect landing begins with a perfect pattern”, 2) maintain centerline, 3) maintain correct airspeed, and 4) don’t “flare”, transition to slow flight.

Some more detailed thoughts from Schappert on the process of leveling off and holding back while coming to a stall just above the runway:

Whether you call it a flare or transition, one key question is how to know exactly when to level off above runway. The key, as Rob Machado explains below, is to look for a sudden widening of the runway.

Another challenge is staying on centerline, and Schappert offers a few more tips on that subject:

If you find staying on centerline – or even knowing which direction the nose is pointed on landing – a challenge, take some encouragement from this video. It may boil down to where your eyes are looking.

In my book, I mentioned a video by Charlie Gasmire that helped me think more clearly and constructively about the last few seconds before landing. You can check it out here:

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