Some videos on recent topics of interest in aviation.

An analysis of the latest ruling in the ongoing legal battle between the FAA and popular YouTube pilot Trent Palmer, whose license was suspended for allegedly flying too low over someone’s house.

Given his own difficulties, it’s interesting to hear Trent Palmer’s take on Trevor Jacob’s self-filmed bail-out and crash which lost him his license.

Analysis of the deadly collision between a B-17 and P-63 at an air show in Dallas last November, following the NTSB preliminary report.

The passenger of a Cessna 208 made headlines and generated widespread interest in May 2022 when he landed the plane after the pilot became incapacitated. You can listen to the Air Traffic Control audio of the incident as it unfolded, here.

In my book, I refer to a Diamond DA-40 that intruded on the nearby Presidential TFR the day after my own checkride, and got intercepted by an F-16. You can listen to the Air Traffic Control audio of that incident here.

In my book, I reference an AOPA accident case study that loomed large in my mind when I had to do a go-around, serving as an important reminder not to “dump” my flaps all at once. You can watch it here.

Jason Schappert does an excellent, detailed analysis of the variety of factors that contributed to John F. Kennedy Jr.’s fatal crash in 1999. A lot of important learning points in this one.

A detailed analysis of the famous air crash that killed Buddy Holly in 1959, the story behind the song “American Pie”. Still many relevant lessons that apply today.

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